Canadian Customers

Canadian customers can now view and check out in Canadian Dollars by logging in to their account at and To review our full policy, visit


Revolution is a Non-Resident Importer of Record. This optimizes our shipments through customs and reduces ship times. Revolution does NOT charge you for brokerage fees.

Ground shipping is a flat $35 USD/$46 CAD for all orders. Revolution and Tenth House have NO MINIMUM order amount to receive this low rate. Expedited shipping is available at published rates. Please call for more information.

No Surprises

Revolution calculates and includes all import taxes and duties at the time your order is placed. These fees are added to your invoice and collected at time of payment. Revolution is registered with the Canadian Revenue Agency to collect and pay these fees on your behalf. Your order will list details for each of the following: freight, duty, Goods and Services Tax (GST) and/or HST when applicable.

You will receive no additional bills from any 3rd party regarding your purchase.


Explain the flat rate all-inclusive to me, I don't understand how that works?
We charge you a 1-time rate of $46 CAD that includes S&H and brokerage fees for ground shipping. We also calculate the duties and taxes at the time of purchase and include the breakdown of those charges on your invoice. You pay nothing more. Paying those additional fees in advance eliminates any surprises, which allows you to properly price items for your students.

What exchange rate am I paying?
We set the exchange when we transitioned to Canadian dollars. At that time, the rate of exchange was 1.33 times USD. Should the rate of exchange vary significantly, we would adjust your cost accordingly.

I'm in Ontario, that duty/rate is different if I'm in Calgary, any difference there?
Duties are always 18% of your purchase price. Taxes will vary depending on where you live and can range from 5 – 18%.

What about platter tutu's? Are those shipped at the same flat/all inclusive price?
There are certain items that we carry that due to their dimensions, require special handling when shipping. For items that fall into this category, like the platter tutu, we would provide a quote for your shipping costs at the time you call.

How long does it take for the dancewear/costumes to arrive? Who ships them to me?
Most deliveries take between 2 – 4 business days, depending on where you live. Some remote areas could take up to 7 business days, though this is not the norm. We will provide a timeframe for shipping when you place your order. Ground shipping is handled by Frontier, a Canadian company.

Can I see what my invoice looks like?
We will provide you with an invoice for each order you place, which itemizes your charges. You will receive it electronically and can share it with whomever you choose.