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Product Code: TH16006

“I asked myself, ‘What would I want to wear as a back-up dancer for some amazing star?’ It would have to be fierce and sexy, but still tasteful. And I wanted it to look awesome from the back. I think a woman’s back is beautiful and here, the straps really enhance it. It’s so chic and elegant. Throw on the hooded shrug though, and you get an entirely different vibe. It’s tougher, flashier. It draws its energy from the street.” — Lucy B., Designer

Fully-lined tan spandex halter leotard has a floral pattern navy sequin stretch lace overlay with midnight blue stretch glitter velvet collar and piping. Separate bustleskirt has midnight blue stretch glitter velvet waistband and six layers of navy tulle.

Separate hooded shrug is navy matte sequin mesh with beaded sequin appliqués at the shoulders. Back lining is black polyester, and the front and hood are lined with midnight blue stretch glitter velvet.     

Colors & Sizes

Child Sizes MC, LC
Adult Sizes PA, SA, MA, LA, XLA
Colors Midnight Blue