Jenilee H.

Jenilee H.

Tenth House Lead Designer

 I’m thrilled to introduce you to our latest collection, which explores a whole new universe centered around making each look uniquely and amazingly YOURS!  From additional styles and colors in our mix & match Separates line to new partnerships with resources like Rhinestones Unlimited, we’re about to blow your mind with all the ways that you can individualize each and every look for the stage.

This year, in addition to our expanded Separates line, we’ve broken the collection into seven curated sections to help steer you toward the world that’s right for you. We’ve got flowing, elegant silhouettes in our new Ethereal section and powerful, contemporary vibes in the Elemental segment. You’ll find youthful, effervescent energy within the Luminous group and show-stopping, striking pieces that fill the Stellar assortment. Within the Intrepid category you’ll find plenty of options for those dynamic, cutting-edge, futuristic looks that have become synonymous with the Tenth House brand.  Then you’ll find a bold, captivating group of looks within the Magnetic designation and rounding out this year’s book you’ll find a variety of hard-hitting, versatile ensembles under the Hydraulic label.  

The Tenth House team has worked tirelessly to gather and incorporate feedback about what the most fierce and phenomenal dancers out there want to wear. We’ve found inspiration in new music, fashion and entertainment from around the globe. We’ve found new and exciting ways to update classic themes and also invented a few new fashion trends of our own.

My favorite part of design has always been helping to tell a narrative through the universal language of movement and dance, whatever that tale may be. I can’t wait to see what kind of incredible stories you bring to the stage this year with the help of Tenth House Dance!