Kent Boyd

Kent Boyd

Dancer and Panel Expert

Desperate to find an activity to focus his boundless energy, Kent’s mom enrolled him in dance at age six. He never looked back! As fate would have it, he was a quick study and a fast fan. He got really serious about dance in high school and began filming for So You Think You Can Dance the day after graduation. 

Kent has appeared in multiple television shows and movies and is a sought-after choreographer at dance workshops around the country. His expertise in movement has grounded his strong opinions on how fashion influences the way we experience dance.

“I’ve always had a passion for fashion. I love mixing unexpected colors and patterns and seeing how they work together. In choreography, I like to develop deep storylines, and the right costumes go a long way toward helping the audience understand that.

“The new Tenth House line is amazing – not just for the creativity of the designs and the impeccable construction of the costumes, but because they’re so well-thought-out. They’re age-appropriate, they work for a lot of different body types, and they hold up over time. As a choreographer, those are all qualities I’m going to react positively to.”